Our Mission

Providing for the needs of the dependent, neglected, and/or abused children of Northwest Georgia and helping them to live a healthier, happier and more productive life.

The Open Door Children's Home (ODCH) is stronger than ever, fulfilling its mission as a charitable and non-profit organization that provides a safe, warm and loving environment for the children of our community who have been neglected, abandoned and abused. Our residential facilities provide emergency and extended care to children who need care outside of their natural home. ODCH strives to help each child reach his or her potential with guidance and support they need to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.


The Open Door Home for Needy Children began in 1927 as a temporary home to help the children and families of men who were in the county jail for selling alcohol during prohibition.

In 1929, the home was reorganized for permanency with a broader scope and mission and moved into a larger home on West 7th Street. In 1936, the present facility (now the Girls Home) in West Rome was made possible by Floyd County, the City of Rome and the Federal Government.

From the 1940s, the facility was limited and equipped to care for only girls and young boys. This remained the case for over sixty years until Mrs. Louise Hunt, a Board member of the Open Door Home, and her husband Elwood approached a juvenile court judge in 2000 about opening a boys home in Rome that would address the critical need of placement and care for teenage boys. After winning the approval of the Board to proceed with the project, the Open Door Home was awarded a Development Block Grant to help build the facility. The home was appropriately named the Louise Hunt Home for Boys.

Today, because of the benevolence, vision and determined efforts of its supporters, ODCH now has two campuses to serve the needs of both boys and girls. Although there have been many changes in the eighty year history of the home, the mission and purpose has always remained the same — to provide care and nurturing for children in need.


Chairman — Brenda Bowen
Vice-Chairman — Amy Cox
Past Chairman — Tashia Twyman
Treasurer — Rhonda Wallace
Secretary — April Kipp

Phil Amico
Brooke Binson
Harry Brock
Kyle Carney, DMD
Dr. Annie Cowan
Brenda Crane
Laura Davis
Kevin Dillmon
Sam Echols
Vickie Knight
Holly Lynch
Lowery May
Laurie Mayfield
Dr. Bob Norton
Wayne Robinson
Tom Sabourin
Jennifer Scott
Sundai Stevenson
Chad Taylor
Terri Watters
Cassandra Wheeler

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